About Us

The mission of the Department of Applied Chemistry is to design substrates and to derive new functions that are useful for people and society. In our researches, we value originality and creativity. We always endeavor to create new concepts in various fields of chemistry, from pure to applied.

Roots of Applied Chemistry

Before conducting cutting-edge chemical researches, students have to absorb the essence of knowledge that the scientists have accumulated to date. They are expected to put down roots into the ground of sciences and technologies, which has been fertilized in the long history.

Branches of Applied Chemistry

In order to develop useful technologies, materials, and devices, basic researches are also required. On the basis of the knowledge absorbed through the roots, we build up new basics of chemistry. We are branching out into unknown spaces of chemistry, to seek out new structures, characteristics, and interactions.

Fruits of Applied Chemistry

To enrich knowledge of mankind through the basic researches is one of our important missions. However, if we can take advantage of the knowledge for our lives, it becomes much more valuable. We can contribute to the society through energy conversion and storage, purification of environment, advanced medicine, and information processing. Our ultimate goal is to bear fruits of practical applications on the wide variety of branches of knowledge.