The applied chemistry is next to us

We are aiming to design substrates in various ways to create their new functions that are useful in our everyday lives. We are encouraging the department members to work on a wide range of different and unique researches that goes beyond the ordinary categorization of sciences, such as inorganic or organic chemistries and biotechnologies. All of those leading-edge researches are related to the substrates and phenomena of our daily lives and they are deeply connected to the real world.

Deepening and expanding the frame of chemistry

Our society of present day faces major issues that are hardly solved by existing chemistry alone. “Deepening and expanding the frame of chemistry” is a keyword at our department of applied chemistry. With this keyword, we challenge those difficult issues. We focus on both the researches that deepen the academic field of chemistry and the researches that expand the field of chemistry through merging the researches of mechanics, electronics, medicine and biology. We are aiming to contribute to the future society with such researches.