Development of Ultrasmall
Science in 1-Nanometer Scale.

The Tsukamoto Lab The Tsukamoto Lab

Takamasa TSUKAMOTO LecturerTakamasa TSUKAMOTO

2011B. S. Tokyo Metropolitan University
2013M. S. Tokyo Metropolitan University
2014Research Fellow, JSPS
2014Visiting Researcher, University of Miami
2015Dr. Eng. Tokyo Metropolitan University (accelerated graduation)
2015Postdoctoral Researcher, The University of Tokyo
2016Researcher, Tokyo Institute of Technology
2018Project Assistant Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology
2019Assistant Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology
2020Researcher, PRESTO, JST (concurrent)
2023Lecturer, The University of Tokyo

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Location: Fe610, Institute of Industrial Science, Komaba II campus
E-mail: ttsukamo☆


The nature of ‘quantum-sized materials’, which are ultrasmall nanoparticles with 1 nm diameter exhibiting the quantum size effect, have not been clarified sufficiently yet because of the technical difficulty of their synthesis. In this laboratory, we investigate the development of synthetic methods and properties of such materials by utilizing the knowledge of both organic and inorganic chemistry.