Undergraduate Courses

Many areas of researches can be studied at the department of applied chemistry. The students learn introductions of natural sciences in their 2nd years (Komaba fourth semester). They obtain more specialized knowledge and basic experimental skills through the upper level classes and laboratory courses in their 3rd years. The faculties of three departments (Applied chemistry, Chemical system engineering and Chemistry & biology) collaborate to offer the lectures and laboratory courses for 2nd and 3rd years’ students. The program is designed to provide the students smooth learning steps from the fundamental subjects to the applied and specialized knowledge. A practical education program will be provided in their 4th years by our proudly recommended faculty members. The students will work on the newest researches as their thesis projects by applying the knowledge and experimental skills that they obtained.

4th yearStructures Analysis / Special Lectures on Frontier of Chemistry / Mathematical Method / Statistical Analysis / Patent Regulation / History and Philosophy of Technology / International Economics / Vocational Guidance / Chemical Technology and Engineering Ethics / Experiments and Exercises in Chemistry and Life Science / Graduation Thesis
3rd yearPhysical Chemistry / Quantum Chemistry / Polymer Chemistry / Analytical Chemistry / Chemical Reaction and Kinetics / Molecular Aggregate Chemistry / Inorganic Chemistry / Organic Chemistry / Exercises in Computer Chemistry / Properties of Materials / Chemical Energies / Physical Chemistry of Organic Materials / Basic Practice on Applied Chemistry / Information Technology (Internet Engineering) / Research Ethics in Chemistry and Biology / Chemical Bioindustry / Experiments and Exercises in Physical Chemistry / Experiments and Exercises in Analytical Chemistry / Experiments and Exercises in Organic Chemistry / Experiments and Exercises in Chemical Engineering / Experiments and Exercises in Genetic Engineering
2nd yearPhysical Chemistry / Organic Chemistry / Fundamentals of Technical Measurements / Inorganic Chemistry / Introduction to Applied Chemistry / Introduction to Electrical Engineering / Quantum Chemistry / Life Chemistry / Properties of Materials / Mathematics / Analytical Chemistry / Chemical Engineering / Practical Training for Computer Science / Molecular Biology / Introduction to Life Science / Mathematical Method / Practical Training for Computer Science