Our Education Programs

At the department of applied chemistry, we aim to educate the students to develop their creative skills. There are three steps in our program. In the first three years of the undergraduate program, the students are expected to concentrate on learning the basic knowledge and skills. Then in the following three years (4th year and master’s program years), the students are expected to experience and obtain problem-solving skills in our forefront researches.

Through their undergraduate/master thesis researches, the students are also trained to be able to report and discuss research topics. Furthermore, in the three years of doctoral program, the students will obtain the comprehensive research capabilities through their doctoral thesis, such as to be able to discover and clarify the tasks in the most advanced researches, propose a research plan, operate and evaluate the research, present the results and explain the originality of their researches.

Through completing the curriculum, the graduates are expected to become the researchers who can solve issues, create the future and lead an academic organization, and possibly become globally active researchers to be able to contribute for the society.