Organometallic Chemistry NISHIBAYASHI Laboratory

Development of novel reactions
with design of molecular catalysts

The Nishibayashi Lab The Nishibayashi Lab


1991B.S. Kyoto University
1993M.S Kyoto University
1995Ph. D. Kyoto University
1995Assistant Professor, The University of Tokyo
2000Assistant Professor, Kyoto University
2005Associate Professor, The University of Tokyo
2016Professor, The University of Tokyo

Extension number: 27708
Location: 6A02, Eng. Bldg. 3, Hongo campus
E-mail: ynishiba☆


Our laboratory is working on the development of molecular transformations mediated by bio-inspired molecular catalysts to yield useful molecules efficiently, which are capable of solving global challenges in energy and environment facing humanity on a global scale. Based on organometallic chemistry, our aim is design and development of nitrogen fixation, ammonia decomposition, and novel reactions including asymmetric synthesis. We are challenging the generation of new energy resources and an innovative social system based on these molecules.



  • Assistant Prof.Shogo KURIYAMA (Shogo KURIYAMA)

    Affiliation: The Nishibayashi Laboratory
    Extension number: 27214
    Location: 6A04, Eng. Bldg. 3.

  • SecretaryMisato HIRONAKA

    Affiliation: The Nishibayashi Laboratory