• Trailblazing with the brakes off

    Keat Tumu Beamsley(NZ)Masters Course

    I came to Japan amid the COVID-19 pandemic in November 2020 – this was one of the riskier moves I’ve made in my life but was, looking back, undeniably worth it. From then to April 2021 I studied as a research student in the Uemura lab, and am now a first year Master’s student in the same lab, working on the self-assembly and synthesis of nanofeatured polymer networks using nanospaces.
    Our lab is filled with great, friendly people, and my instructors have been supportive as I build up my research in the direction I choose. Cutting-edge resources are always close at hand and I feel I can freely explore my interests in several different fields here.

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  • An invaluable professional and personal opportunity

    Fan Catherine Yang (USA)Postdoc

    I am currently a JSPS research fellow in the Noji Lab where I am trying couple artificial cell division with DNA replication. I received my PhD from the University of Oxford and my thesis was the construction of a reprogrammable chromsome-free cell. Since then I became interested in building artificial cells as one can understand biology by attempting to build it from scratch. Artificial cells can also give us clues as to how life originated on earth. Whilst it would have been easier to stay in the UK, a professor  pointed out to me that it is very important to build an international network and understand different ways of thinking.

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  • I decide to study here which enables me to access world-class research platform

    Zhang Xiyuan (China) Masters Course

    I came to Japan in 2018 for pursuing master’s degree in Uemura & Hosono Lab as an international student after obtaining my bachelor’s degree in Tianjin University (China). My research interest now is synthesis of functionalized polymer within nanospace. Professor always inspires us to find fascinating ideas and encourages us to work sprightly. Everyone in the lab is very friendly and they are always ready to help others. I’m so glad that I decide to study here which enables me to access world-class research platform and enjoy a different culture.

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  • I feel like being in Japan is opening many new doors

    Anouk Rossen (Netherlands) Doctoral course

    I first came to The University of Tokyo in 2017 when I spent 6 months working in the Fujita lab as an internship student for my master’s degree. It was a truly unforgettable and unique experience that left a deep impression on me: even so much so that I ended up coming back here as a PhD student in the same lab, where I am now working on research on protein encapsulation in self-assembled cages. Living and doing research in Japan is very different from what I am used to in the Netherlands in many aspects, so at times it can be hard, but I feel like I am learning something new every day!

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  • I will have great memories of this time of my life

    Mariel Zarco-Zavala (Mexico) Postdoc

    I am a research fellow of the Department of Applied Chemistry in the Noji Lab. I did my Ph.D. in The National Autonomous University of Mexico and have always been fascinated by the ATP synthase nanomotor. After meeting Noji-sensei, in the Bioenergetics Gordon Research Conference, I got amazed of the power of the detailed studies of the ATPase complex conducted in his lab and I realize that coming to Japan would be my next objective. Once finishing my Ph.D., I became a postdoctoral fellow at Noji Lab in 2016. During my stay here, I have always felt everyone support (in and out of the scientific field), I have learned many new cutting-edge techniques and I have experienced to be part of the top world-class research environment that the Tokyo University infrastructure and the great vision of the head of the laboratory could provide.

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