Message from the Chair

Let’s Enjoy “Change” by the Power of Chemistry

The Department of Applied Chemistry has continued to challenge new chemistry that will change the times, along with deepening a pure chemistry based on intellectual curiosity. We hope that you will feel the scent of the faculty’s new challenges in chemistry and the activities of current students and graduates from the pages of this website. What kind of solutions can Chemistry offer for the wide-ranging and extremely fluid changes in modern society, such as the environment, energy, information, infectious diseases, and population decline? The Department of Applied Chemistry has presented original solutions that are impossible within existing academic frameworks in response to various changes of the times.

Our philosophy of “enjoying a change with new chemistry” has been proven. Several current and former faculty members have been named as Nobel Prize winners and candidates. In this way, the true meaning of our “applied chemistry” is not to apply existing chemistry to society, but to enjoy a change with new chemistry based on intellectual curiosity. Our unique approaches have been highly evaluated by society and industry. I would like you to experience it by all means.

Through these educational and research activities, we strongly encourage young colleagues who enjoy “new chemistry and change.” We sincerely look forward to the participation of everyone with high aspirations. Let’s enjoy and play together the research of new chemistry that will surprise the world and revolutionize society.。

Chair of the department
Takeshi Yanagida