Message from the Chair

Introduction to applied chemistry

Chemistry is a field of science that involves just about everything and anything that exist in this world. Observing a material and its structural changes in atomic, molecular and electron levels leads us to understand life-sustaining phenomena and develop new reactions. By manipulating reactions (recombining at atomic level) we can create a new substance. Until this day, our life has developed using substances in nature as energy resources. As our life becomes more and more advanced, however, excessive changes in the environment have created global problems that are threatening our daily lives. Considering all the urgent issues, with the power of chemistry, we should be able to find ways to minimize burdens on the environment while maintaining our life without sacrificing the quality. This is why chemistry is considered as the Central Science in the field of natural science and is a key technology for us to transform our society to be sustainable and developable.

Our department faculties, not only domestically but also internationally highly recognized, engage in advanced research with students using chemistry as a hub. On top of deepening knowledge in chemistry, we are creating “new science” fields through interdisciplinary research. For example, molecular self-assembly, molecular organization chemistry, single-molecule biophysics, catalytic chemistry, nanomaterial chemistry, organometallic chemistry, functional metal complexes chemistry, polymer materials engineering, functional organic materials, optoelectronic functional thin films, nanophotonic chemistry, theoretical chemistry to name just a few of interesting and promising fields of research that are ongoing. For further details, please refer to our web site and the leaflet for applied chemistry course. “Applied chemistry” doesn’t only mean social application of chemistry alone. What it truly means is that creation of “new science” fields using chemistry as a hub. Indeed, in these fields, we create new technologies, which will be applied and contributed to the society. Many professors are in joint research with multiple business entities in Corporate Sponsored Research Programs (joint research laboratory with busines entities) or venture businesses.

Students in the department of applied chemistry experience and witness the moment of a new science to be born in a center stage. Nothing is more valuable than hands-on experiences for a career advancement. Also, in addition to learning from the fundamental subjects to the applied and specialized knowledge in the curricula, students can select lectures that provide wider spectrum of studies as well as practical knowledge that is immediately applicable in a chosen industry. We strongly recommend pursuing your career in a doctoral course. Financial supports for students in doctoral courses are abundant to choose from (The Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Human Resource Fostering Program in Chemistry by Japan Chemical Industry Association, fellowship grants from business entities, support from the university, department, course or laboratory, research assistant positions etc.) and students are preferred in employment opportunities. After completing the doctoral course, you earn in-depth knowledge in your specialty, broad academic knowledge, management skills, leadership, communication skills, and a global view through experiences (joint research, studying overseas, internship, supervising less experienced students) of the above-mentioned research and education. Thus, you will have opportunities to advance your career in any of industrial, public, or academic field.

If you like chemistry, want to master chemistry, and aspire to become a pioneer in a chemistry based diverse fields, come and join us. You can contribute to the society with your knowledge in chemistry. We welcome you in the department of applied chemistry. Our environment is perfect for you to thrive. But remember, “God helps those who help themselves”

Chair of the department
Kazuya Yamaguchi