Development of Novel Functional Materials
Based on the Precise Synthesis of
Metal Clulsters

The Sunada Lab The Sunada Lab

Yusuke SUNADA Prof.Yusuke SUNADA

1999 B.S. Nagoya University
2004Dr. Sci. Nagoya University
2004Research Fellow, JSPS (Nagoya University)
2004Research Associate, Kyushu University
2007 Assistant Professor, Kyushu University
2016Associate Professor, The University of Tokyo
2022 Professor, The University of Tokyo

Extension number: 56361
Location: Fe604, Institute of Industrial Science, Komaba II campus


Nanosized metal compounds have attracted much interests owing to their own unique properties attributed to the nanosized effect. Our research interests focus on the design and synthesis of a series of well-defined nanosized transition metal clusters, and their application as functional materials.