Active control of thermal energy
using novel principles, materials, and devices

The Uchida Lab The Uchida Lab

Ken-ichi Uchida Prof.Ken-ichi Uchida

2008B. Eng., Keio University
2009M. Sc. Eng., Keio University
2012Ph.D. (Physics), Tohoku University
2012Assistant Professor, Tohoku University
2014Associate Professor, Tohoku University
2016Group Leader, National Institute for Materials Science
2023Distinguished Group Leader, National Institute for Materials Science
2024Professor, The University of Tokyo

Extension number : 63756
Location : 4A1, Kiban Bldg., Kashiwa campus


We are conducting research on “spin caloritronics” based on the fusion of spintronics and thermoelectric/thermal transport properties. We are developing new thermal energy conversion, control, and transfer phenomena and functionalities driven by the concerted effects of electron transport, magnetism (spin), phonon, ferroelectricity, etc., and materials science to improve their energy conversion efficiency by introducing technologies and knowledge from interdisciplinary fields beyond the conventional framework of spintronics. We aim to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by breaking new ground in spin caloritronics using our uniquely developed active thermal measurement and hybrid/composite material synthesis techniques as well as by bringing it to fruition in thermal management technologies.