Seeing, understanding,
and controlling the reactions
and functions of molecular interfaces

The Kim Lab The Kim Lab

Yousoo KIM Prof.Yousoo KIM

1991B.S. Seoul National Univ.
1993M.S. Seoul National Univ.
1999Dr. Eng. The University of Tokyo
1999Special Postdoctoral Researcher, RIKEN
2002Research Scientist, RIKEN
2006Senior Research Scientist, RIKEN
2010Associate Chief Scientist, RIKEN
2015Chief Scientist, RIKEN
2022Professor, The University of Tokyo

Extension number:
Location:606, Eng. Bldg. 5, Hongo campus


The excitation of molecules on solid surfaces leads to various energetic processes, such as transfer, conversion, and dissipation. Thus, a detailed understanding of the excited quantum states of the molecules is crucial to improve and develop organic energy conversion devices based on (opto)electronic and/or (photo)chemical processes. Our research focuses on (1) real-space observation of surface reaction processes at the single-molecule level, (2) single-molecule measurement of quantum states involved in the processes, and (3) exploration of the selective control of reaction pathways and physicochemical properties of molecular interfaces.



  • Associate Prof.Emiko KAZUMA (Emiko KAZUMA)

    Affiliation:The Kim Laboratory
    Extension number:27789
    Location:601, Eng. Bldg. 5.

  • Assistant Prof.Minhui LEE

    Affiliation: The Kim Laboratory
    Extension number: 87292
    Location: 601, Eng. Bldg. 5.

  • SecretaryJunko HIROHATA (Junko Hirohata)

    Affiliation:The Kim Laboratory
    Extension number:27796
    Location:601, Eng. Bldg. 5.