[Student] Awards at 71th Conference of JSCC

At the 71th Conference of Japan Society of Coordination Chemistry, Student Presentation Awards were given to the following four students.

Student Lecture Award

Ms. Haruka Sunohara (The Fujita laboratory, D3)
Mr. Yoshihiro Koizumi (The Yamaguchi laboratory, D1)

Poster Award for Young Scientists

Mr. Takashi Okazaki (The Yamaguchi laboratory, M2)
Mr. Akihiro Hayakawa (The Fujita laboratory, M2)

Takashi will also receive the Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers Award and Akihiro will also receive the Dalton Transactions Award from the Royal Society of Chemistry.

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Award recipients: Haruka (left) and Akihiro (right)
Award recipients: Yoshihiro (left) and Takashi (right)