Award at the YCCAJ summer school 2023

Yuto Osugi, Hirotaka Taketomi, and Akihiro Torimoto received the Chemistry Letters Young Researcher Award, Student Lecture Award, and Poster Award, respectively, at the Summer School Organized by Young Coordination Chemist Association of Japan (YCCAJ),

【Chemistry Letters Young Researcher Award】
Yuto Osugi(The Uemura laboratory,M1)
「Fabrication of a Self-Assembled Complex with Expandable Skeletons」

【Student Lecture Award】
Hirotaka Taketomi(The Uemura laboratory,D2)
「Selective removal of denatured proteins by MOFs」

【Poster Award】
Akihiro Torimoto(The Uemura laboratory,M2)
「MOF Column Chromatography for High-Precision Separation of Fatty Acid Methyl Esters」