I will have great memories of this time of my life

Mariel Zarco-Zavala (Mexico) Postdoc

I am a research fellow of the Department of Applied Chemistry in the Noji Lab. I did my Ph.D. in The National Autonomous University of Mexico and have always been fascinated by the ATP synthase nanomotor. After meeting Noji-sensei, in the Bioenergetics Gordon Research Conference, I got amazed of the power of the detailed studies of the ATPase complex conducted in his lab and I realize that coming to Japan would be my next objective. Once finishing my Ph.D., I became a postdoctoral fellow at Noji Lab in 2016. During my stay here, I have always felt everyone support (in and out of the scientific field), I have learned many new cutting-edge techniques and I have experienced to be part of the top world-class research environment that the Tokyo University infrastructure and the great vision of the head of the laboratory could provide. I am happy to work here and I will have great memories of this time of my life.