Based on Soft Materials,
Create Nanomachines

The Ito Lab The Ito Lab

Kohzo ITO Prof.Kohzo ITO

1981 B.S. The University of Tokyo
1986 Dr. Eng. The University of Tokyo
Researcher, Research Institute for Polymers and Textiles
1991Lecturer, The University of Tokyo
1994Associate Professor, The University of Tokyo
2003 Professor, The University of Tokyo
2014Program Manager, ImPACT, Cabinet Office, Government of Japan (concurrent)

Extension number: 63756
Location: 4A1, Kiban Bldg., Kashiwa campus


Soft matter comprises a variety of large molecular substances such as polymers, liquid crystals, molecular membranes, biopolymers, colloids and granular matters.  They commonly form various higher order or supramolecular structures sensitive to external conditions self-assemblingly in mesoscopic scale. We aim to realize ecologically compatible and highly functional materials by controlling the structure and properties of soft matters in time and space.



  • Associate Prof.Hideaki YOKOYAMA (Hideaki YOKOYAMA)

    Affiliation: The Ito Laboratory
    Extension number: 63766
    Location: 4D4, Kiban Bldg.

  • Assistant Prof.Shuntaro Uenuma (Shuntaro Uenuma)

    Affiliation: The Ito Laboratory
    Extension number: 63757
    Location: 4D7, Kiban Bldg.